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上海市黄浦区进贤路222 / 222 Jinxian Rd


+86 (21) 5679 9916


Cafe : 11:00 ~ 17:30  ( Open 7 days )

Bar 1st floor : 18:00 ~ 2:00 ( Open 7 days )

Bar 2nd floor : 20:00 ~2:00 ( Closed on Monday )



A R S & D E L E C T O (Latin) means “art and delight ” in English. Coffee and alcohol are not necessary for survival,but we believe moments with those things bring us delights. Mixing drinks is a form of art and we take great pride in serving and providing each of our customers with the upmost quality drinks and bar experiences, which is something that could bring delight and happiness to everyone.

We serve high quality drinks in friendly atmosphere combining Japanese style and western style of bartending .Which means taking good parts from Japanese precise, details cared bartending and also from western creative ,artistic cocktail making.