Capatain Toni Rodrigues , The Sir of SELETA

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Capatain Toni Rodrigues , The Sir of SELETA

Does anyone know about this person ? Probably not but he is quite famous persona in Brazil .

what does he do ? Most people would think he is a Bossa Nova musician , or a contemporary artist , or a actor , or a huge coffe producer , or even a politician but none of these . he is one of the most famous cachaca (sugar – cane alcohol beverage ) producer in Brazil . I mean good cachaca , artesanal , not those industrial cachaca that you find everywherelse on you caipirinha in Europe , America , Japan , ETC .

His name is Mr Antonio Eustaquio Rodrigues, or most known as Captain Toni Rodrigues , The Sir of Seleta artesanal cachaca .

Seleta cachaca company is located in Salinas ( the world-wide capital of cachaca ) , Minas Gerais (1100km from Rio de Janeiro ) in Brazil . Salinas is known for its high quality sugar-cane , the main product of cachaca . But just high quality sugar-cane is not enough to produce a good cachaca .

What makes Seleta special is that they keep the cachaca for 2 years in Umburana barrels . Umburana is a tree only found in South America , that why it gives a unnusual taste that makes you drink again . But only that is not enough Accord to Captain Toni Rodrigues . “You need a lot of love and many tries until you get the perfect taste , and drink a lot of cachaca as well . That’s the only secret “

Besides a good cachaca , Captain Toni is a wise man , sometimes in interviews he sounds like a philosopher , showing different points of views about life , or cachaca… , it doesn’t mean that he is drunk , perhaps yes .

In one of his interviews he says that his dream ( Not a dream , i think he can make ) is to bee like Coca-Cola which everywhere in the world everyone knows , but he says to never forget your origins .

He also says : ” To get organized and to keep doing in a desorganized way , it takes the same amount of time but the results are completely differente . I would rather choose to get organized even tough it takes sometime at the beggining .

Probably someday We would see him coming to Japan . But at the moment we can only enjoy his cachaca Seleta .



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