JAMES SEIJI live at TRENCH ジェームス セイジ ライブ @トレンチ

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JAMES SEIJI live at TRENCH ジェームス セイジ ライブ @トレンチ

James Seiji at bar TRENCH

Last sunday seemed Ebisu would have a really quiet night until ,in a little tiny street near the station , people started to get together . Some people came by Bike , some by bicycle , some by walk and some by train , for a reason ….to see James Seiji gig at Bar TRENCH .

The first surprise for the audience was when they arrived to TRENCH and didn’t see any stage . We could hear people talking to each other “Where is James going to play ?” . As Trench is a tiny bar , James Seiji had to go up to the book shelf .

It was his first gig in Japan and the crowd was excited to see what he had to show . First set James Seiji did a couple of covers like Wilco’s ” misunderstood ” , My Morning Jacket’s “Sooner “, Marah’s “Sooner or Later “and others .

ある目的のために、、、ジェームス セイジのライブをバー トレンチで見るために!
最初のステージはウィルコのミスアンダーストゥッド、スーン オア レイター、BECKのロストコーズなどのカバー曲を演奏。
Fresh air break –  BAR TRENCH

the crowd watching the LIVE

After a break to have some fresh air James Seiji started his 2nd set with only original songs . A song called “DAY SOUNDS ” melody still stuck in my mind .
For the end , James Seiji played requests from the audience like Bob Dylan , Beck , Beatles , Sublime  , Flaming Lips and some punk folk kind of improvisation .

“DAY SOUNDS”という曲のメロディーはいまだに心から離れない。

James Seiji at the TRENCH book shelf

  The Ebisu Sunday Night ended up with a lot of music and then you may ask “WHO IS JAMES SEIJI?”…actually We are not able to answer this question because we don’t know… it was our first time to see him live… but we know that James Seiji is always around in Ebisu .

   Cheers for James Seiji !!!

恵比寿はその日曜の夜、音楽につつまれておわりをとげたが、”ジェームス セイジっていったい何者?”という疑問が湧くかもしれない。
しかし、ひとつ確かに言えることはジェームス セイジはいつも恵比寿にいる、ということだ。