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Just to get a Pre-Warm-up for the 2012 London Cocktail week in October we decide to make a brief visit in some of the cocktail bars in London . First stop , Savoy Hotel .




Probably most of the good bars around the world has at least one Savoy cocktail book at the back bar as a recipe reference . As pleople say…”Behind every great bartender (literally) is a roughed-up, stained copy of The Savoy Cocktail Book…” .



We were ready for the classics cocktails . Sazerac , Martinez , RobRoy , Hanky-Panky , BloodyMary , all surround by the jazz music played by the pianist . The last one , Corpese Reviver 2 , morning Glory & Gimlet ,  we had a chance to have at the Bar ,  really well excuted by Erick Lorincs .


Next stop , ECC ( Experimental Cocktail Club ) , located in ChinaTown , quite hard to find since it has no sign , just an old little door .

Nice selections of cocktails , good atmosphere with a speakeasy nuance . Cachaca Aged and Mezcal base cocktails are quite tasty .



To start the next night  , Callooh Callay   . A nice bar with some secrets on it . They have another bar on the second floor . How to come in….that’s part of the secret too.



80’s style cassete tape menu . 23 top-hits cocktails on the list NOW .


If you want to have a Cow or Chicken : Tramshed is the place , exately , they have only steak or chicken for main dish .

Tramshed building used to be an old electricity generating station for trams . The first thing you see whem you come in is a kind of huge aquarium with a real size Cow & a Chicken in it . And a huge paiting of a cartoon Cow & Chichen on the wall . Just by looking at you can have a guess who made it : the English artist Damien Hirst



Tramshed Menu
Smokin’beets cocktail


Tramshed Wall Paper
Zombie Cocktail served in a picther


A brief visit at Mr Simon Difford office . Surprising how big it is the alcohool arquive .



One of our favorite bar in London . Bar Purl  harks back to a golden age of cocktails with a bit of the atmosphere of the 1920’s american speakeasy bars . Each cocktail in Purl gives you an experience in flavor and visually .







Last stop , the oldest hotel in London , Langham Hotel . The Artisan Bar



The cocktails were made by the magical hands of Simone Caporale . It’s not  always that we have a chance to have cocktails made by world top bartenders . it was time to enjoy .


It make jus why the artisan bar was nominated the world best cocktail menu .


Artisian bar Cocktail flavour menu .



Tokyo Martini



expresso cocktail with some gold leaf on the top



absinthe fountain making appearence on the counter .


Looking forward to the London Cocktail week  

Cheers !!! Bar Trench