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Wormwood 3D beauty Mask

Foodaholic 3D Wormwood Beauty Mask

We have seen absinthe chocolate , absinthe candys , absinthe cookies & cakes , icecreams , absinthe sausages , absinthe soap , perfumes , dental-floss , toothstick , i-phone case , and the list of goods still growing and growing  .

    Now there is a foodaholic WORMWOOD beauty Mask .

    It says “ The Foodaholic  Wormwood Natural Essence Mask contains wormwood extractions rich of vitamins A and C and various minerals , preventing aging of and stimulating revitalization of the skin . The element’s low irritation rate helps keep the skin wet and soft ”

  As our cosmetic products knowledge is" 0 “ , we decide to ask for the help of the girls :

   According to Ms "Y” : “the wormwood mask smells a bit men’s cologne but it didn’t bother me at all and it gave me a quite relaxing felling, if used before sleep

   Another discovery , thanks to our friend . In the top right side of the pack is written 3D , which means that usually normal masks are like flat sheets , but the 3 D ones are a bit rounded ( we couldn’t see the difference but girls are good to see details ) . That’s why 3 D is written …

   Here is another comment from Ms “Ri” :

  “ Tonight, I tried to use wormwood face mask !
At first, I imagined it had a smell of Absinthe, (because one of major row material of Absinthe is wormwood.
It had not smell of it, but it smelled fresh herbs as if I were in a herb garden! Feel so nice !
After 10 minutes later, I removed it.
Then I seemed more younger than 10 minutes ago.(I wish it would become a reality!)
   And from the beginning,Absinthe is made as a medicine.
Wormwood is so good for inside & outside of  the body! ”
 " 今晩、このワームウッドのフェイスマスクをしてみました。



   Thanks to the Wormwood , girls around the globe are getting beautiful and younger .

   I haven’t been looking at the mirror so often , maybe after all those year’s drinking absinthe  perhaps I look young than before .

   Cheers … not with a mask but with a glass of absinthe!!!

   Bar Tram & Trench ®