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東京都渋谷区恵比寿西1-7-13-2F /  1-7-13 2F Ebisunishi Shibuya Tokyo


Monday〜Thursday   19:00pm – 3:00am
Friday & Saturday  19:00pm – 4:00am
Sunday  19:00pm – 2:00am

Tram (トラム)とは?

路面電車、市街電車、トロッコ、ストリートカーの意。Tramは電車でもバスでもない、生活に根ざした乗り物であるとともに旅情や郷愁を感じさせてくれま す。それぞれのホームに帰る途中、窓から流れる景色を見ながら自分と向き合う時間をしばし過ごす乗り合いの移動手段です。スラングでは、”あなたが最悪の 時でも頼りになる最高の友達”、”天才、非常に賢い、多様な才能”、”あなたをサポートする人、つき合ってくれる人、あなたを愛する人”などの意味を持つ そうです。日常生活にちょっとした非日常を取り入れる機会を持つこと。もうひとつの自分の居場所を持つことは、人生をより豊かにすると考えています。



About Bar Tram

Tram is neither a train nor a bus, it is a ride that is rooted in life as well as a sense of travel and nostalgia. On the way back to each home, you can spend some time facing yourself while looking at the scenery flowing through the window.In slang, it means “the best friend you can count on when you’re at your worst”, “a genius, very smart, diverse talent”, “someone who supports you, someone who keeps you company, someone who loves you”. To have the opportunity to incorporate a little bit of the extraordinary into your daily life. We believe that having another place to be is what makes life so much richer.


The connection between alcohol and artists has been deep for centuries.Of the many types of liquor, Tram presents Absinthe as the closest thing to artist with a unique story to tell.Only humanity has a liquor culture. We’re working hard to create a place where the act of drinking can be elevated to the level of a cultural experience, not just a place to get drunk.

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