第3回アブサン”グリーンアワー” in Tokyo レポートNo,1

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第3回アブサン”グリーンアワー” in Tokyo レポートNo,1


A long long time ago , in the days before absinthe had been prohibited , ladies and gentlemen would indulge in a cafe the joy of “ GREEN HOUR ” after a long day of labour .
Ebisu Tokyo, November 26, forgotten century.  On a chilly august evening hundreds of finely attired Tokyolites traversed this dark corridor to be part of Absinthe Tokyo’s third semi-annual Green Hour Festival.  
The stage for the evening’s events, for the second consecutive time, were the spacious grounds of the Nakameguro underground speakeasy Berry.  A venue that in older days used to house a factory, the air has now been made pungent with absinthe and the space filled with people thirsty to make acquaintance the green fairy.


What’s your poison asks the well tuned japanese barman.  
What absinthe event is complete without an abundance of paraphernalia and bygones of yesteryears.  After all we’re not just here to get drunk.  
This is the watering station, where dreams are made.  Clouded drinks and clouded judgement.
Not unlike the absinthe, the people began to pour in – from every corner and from under every rock of the world.
Dressed, undressed, over dressed, under dressed.  “I didn’t know there was a dress code”.  “There isn’t”.  Do real green fairies wear clothes?  As a side note no one has ever experienced the height of the belle époque, and we experience it now through pictures.  So why all the hats?  

正装した人も、してない 人も、着飾りすぎたひとも、普段着の人もいた。「ドレスコードなんてあったの知らなかった!」「そんなのないよ」。いったい、緑の妖精って洋服着てたのか な?ちなみに、誰も18世紀のベル・エポック期を経験したことはないけど、今こうしてこれらの写真を通してそれを体験できるだろう。じゃなければ、なん だってみんな帽子を被ってるんだ?
The ghosts of walls before long to be part of the present.  They are left painted and forgotten, as are their smells, stains, and sentiments.
The bands plays through the haze of inebriation.
And what enchanting evening would be complete without a burlesque show to stimulate one’s appetite for alcohol.

And did God create DJs in his own image?  We are led to believe that he did.
 And on the thirteenth day God said let there be dance, shortly after proclaiming the existence of absinthe.
the usher of bad dreams.