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Absinthe Documentary film


ABSINTHE documentary film trailer from absinthe on Vimeo.

A new Absinthe documentary is around .

The sinopsis :

“Absinthe: was it ambrosia or poison, artistic muse or ticket to madness and death? There is a tremendous fascination with absinthe, yet few truly know its rich history. The documentary ABSINTHE definitively brings the Green Fairy out of her clouded past where, for one hundred years, her fabled effects and demonized reputation have excited equal doses of admiration and loathing. The film traces absinthe’s arc: from its birth in Switzerland in 1787, through its rise in the chic cafés of Belle Époque Paris, to its prohibition, and its recent worldwide revival. Absinthe’s story is put in high relief through interviews with leading historians, authors, distillers, antiques collectors, and fanatics. The cult beverage of bohemian artists is back in fashion; the documentary ABSINTHE clarifies the legend.”

We can see that the culture of drinking a good Absinthe is growing fast in the four corners of the globe ( Europe , Australia, Asia and especially US ) . More and more people are learning how to drink absinthe in  a proper way (not putting fire everywhere ), learning more about the myth and learning how to distinguish a good quality and a bad quality absinthe .

According to REAL ABSINTHE BLOG , There are in United States more than 74 brands of absinthe and much more is about to come . And there are also some American brands , like St George absinthe which doesn’t loose any points comparing with the European one’s . Unfortunately here in Japan there are a minuscule number of 18 brands , while 10 doesn’t count   . The only good news in Japan is the numbers of Bars that offers a good selection of  absinthe is growing , little by little , but is growing .

We didn’t watch the documentary yet but we hope it would serve as a point of reference for the absinthe world .

People featuring in the movie :

Barnaby Conrad, III
Marie-Claude Delahaye
T.A. Breaux
Benoit Noel
Pierre-Andre Delachaux
François Guy
David Nathan-Maister
Jared Gurfein
Claude-Alain Bugnon
…among many others .

The Absinthe documentary is available at Amazon US for rental ( 3 days $3,99)

Cheers !!!

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