All Spice Caqui Cocktail with Pimento Bitters 柿のカクテル

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All Spice Caqui Cocktail with Pimento Bitters 柿のカクテル

A new bitters arrived on the trench shelf . Dale DeGroff’s Pimento bitters !!! yes, exactly , a bitters made by the famous Mr”King Cocktail “. And what makes it more special , the pimento ( Jamaican word for all spice) bitters were made in collaboration with the renowned absinthe distiller T.A Breaux ( Eduard , Vs 1898 , Nouvelle-Orleans , Jade 1901 absinthes , Perique Tabacco liqueur ) .

The Pimento bitters suits well in some 19th century style cocktails like Mai-Tai , Tikis , Old Fashions and  Sazeracs . And in modern cocktails too . Definitely it will give you a extra spice accent in your cocktails and straight spirits . Just have a try to se e the difference .

As the Fall calls for 柿 Caqui ( Persimmon) fruits why not a cocktail :


All Spice Caqui  柿とオールスパイスのカクテル

– Reposado Tequila – 30 ml

– 43 Liqueur (Spain) – 10 ml

– half Caqui fruits cutted in pieces .

– 3 dashes of Pimento bitters .

– Gratted All Spice for garnish

– Muddle all ingredients in a glass , add some ice . garnish with some gratted All spice .

A super quick and easy to make cocktail .  A good recommendation for this Japanese Fall .