Boveresse Absinthe festival 2012

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Boveresse Absinthe festival 2012

Last month , after a brief stop in London , Bar Tram crew went for the forth time to the land of where absithe was born , Val-de-Travers in Switzerland .

But first a little break in Paris starting with an absinthe in the afternoon at La Fee Vert cafe .



And at night , some cocktail bars . The ArtRoom was a good choice to start with .



Secret number 5



Second bar , ECC Paris


Blended whisky base cocktail – Mistake 1



Absinthe spoon Tshirt




The last bar of the night ,  l’Entree des Artistes .  Nice vibe and well craft cocktails .





June 15th friday , absinthe festival  here we go

Before cross the Swiss border , a little stop in Potarlier .


Distillerie Les Fils D’Emile Pernot

Little visit to Claud-Alan destillerie

Distillerie Artemisia



We had a chance to have some cocktails excuted by the amazing bartender  Luca Cinalli

ingredients for some cocktails .


Super nice punch cocktail made with avocado,basil,cinamon,eggwhite , Butterfly absinthe and apple juice .


Delaware Phoenix Destillerie american absinthe Blues Cat . Nice quality absinthe




London NightJar playing cards


saying hello for everyone around the world through the Ustream .

and then , a dinner with over 40 absintheurs from Germany , Belgium , England , Italy , Czech Repuplic , France , USA , Netherlands and Japan at the top of Creux du Van . It was a nice gathering with a nice view , cows everywhere ,Swiss Fondue , a lot of absinthes and even 2 vintage Pernod fils Tarragona absinthe bottle from 1940’s and 1960’s . There were no reason to complaim .





9:00pm and still bright . Restaurant Le Soliat


getting shooted by a documentary project .



Ginza Vanilla Coke bar master trying to see the green fairy


handle the vintage Pernod Fils Tarragona like a baby .


getting blessed by the Sun


Emile Pernot absinthe with hibiscus .





Emile Pernot Special edition

Even tough the previus night everyone stayed up until late , the next day we were ready for the absinthe festival but first a visit at the wormwood fields .

wormwood secury gard , a little bite  as a warning for bad behavior people




A little break at the natural Fontaine




11:00am absinthe

Time for a lunch at Motiers .  A glass of absinthe to start , Absinthe soup , Lamb with wormwood souce and for desert Absinthe icecream .

Restaurant Les Six-Communes – Motiers









between the meal , someone pulled out some vintage Pernod




Boveresse 2012 Absinthe festival and Absinthe Destillerie visit


Absinthe la Valote Fornoni Distillerie





Absinthe Bovet La Valote Distillerie – Motiers









La Valote Martin Distillerie


Types of herbs used in a Absinthe










petit wormwood


star anis



grande wormwood






Many many absinthes to try at Fata Bar


















































Le Petit Absinthe


Boveresse Absinthe drying shed was formerly used for cultivating and drying plants . Today it houses a permanet exhibition










Back to Paris


Grazie Paris



Martinez Cocktail well excuted by Bartendet Oscar Quaqliarini


Professor Jerry Thomas Tattoo


Absinthe bar Cantada – exotic fountain



Cheers!!! Bar Tram & Trench