6 seconds most famous drum solo

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6 seconds most famous drum solo

   This documentary talks about the 6 seconds most famous drum solo from a 60’S funk american band called The Winstons . The interesting part is most of us had listen to this brief drum solo (AMEN BREAK ) at least once in life .

   You can find the Amen Break 6 seconds solo at the Winstons single album ” COLOR HIM FATHER ” in the B-side song called ” AMEN , BROTHER ” . And what is funny about it is ” COLOR HIM FATHER ” was a gold medal award single and the AMEN BREAK is the most copied and used sample of the all times (perhaps ) . If Amen Break wouldn’t exist , maybe HIP-HOP , Jungle , Breakcore had been gone to a totally different direction . And What makes things more funny , The Winston didn’t see any penny from all those samples and copies .

Here is the original song :

And here are some examples of the AMEN BREAK :

Even in the Rock scene the AMEN BREAK was used by bands like Janes Addiction in the song ” whole lotta love(Led Zeppelin) , Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug , Oasis – D’you know what I mean, etc :

Absinthe is in NIN video as well…

Even used by a the japanese band The Mad Capsule Markets and recently by Lupe Fiasco 2007 song Streets on Fire .

And than comes the point . What is “the rights” about ?