Dr Von Hyde’s herbal Liqueur

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Dr Von Hyde’s herbal Liqueur

 Bar Trench & Tram crew just came back from Berlin .

And to start : Dr Von Hyde’s herbal liqueur

“The Mysterious case of Dr Von Hyde.

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a great man…Dr Von Hyde,
something of an enigma in the small village he lived in, deep in the
Bavarian countryside. A healer, ‘a cure for all’ was his motto. People
would come from miles around in the hope the Doktor could cure their

His success was unbelievable, a potion for this, a preparation for
that. Something of a hoarder and herbalist, the Doktors’ house was full
of the strangest curiosities and collections. It was his love of herbs
and spices that became his true love though. The Doktor would spend days
locked inside, creating new blends and herbal preparations. Getting
ever closer to his perfect recipe, he could be heard laughing, shouting
and even the occasional high pitched yodel!!!

Word was out that he had struck gold! Well, in the herbal sense, ‘the perfect elixir awaits you’ said the invite………

The good Doktor had invited the entire village to his small house for
a celebration. It was quite fitting that a travelling circus was
passing through, so they were also invited. Giants stood with local
hunters, Chinese acrobats stood with bemused children. The mix of guests
was amazing. Elephants grazed and tigers roared as the party carried on
into the night…But where was the good Doktor??

No one had seen him, or heard from him.

He had simply just vanished…Where had the good Doktor gone?? The
mystery still remains to this day…All around the world people can be
heard celebrating, raising a glass of his famous herbal liqueur. ‘To the
good Doktor, we salute you’ …….

Ps. And just who is that mystery lady on the bottle?” , story taken from the site .

More news coming soon…