First try of “1797 essai numero 1” absinthe in Paris 2009

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First try of “1797 essai numero 1” absinthe in Paris 2009

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 “Description: From the vendor: An extremely limited production of one of the first known written absinthe recipes discovered, written down for posterity in 1797 and attributed to Abram-Louis Perrenoud, Henri-Louis Pernod’s father. Translated from old French and put into production by two absinthe historians using ancient measurements and colouring techniques, along with only local Pontarlier absinthe plants, it shows another side to absinthe that had been modified so many times during the 19th century. It is more herbaceous and slightly medicinal, as it was most likely originally intended, yet quite tasty, and it has a louche that is more of a light, opaque olive green instead of milky white. This may have been what absinthe was like before the Pernod son went main-stream and is certainly an interesting historical experiment.”  via : feevert

  First time to try 1797 “ essai numero 1 “ was in one of ours trips to Paris  last year . We were having some absinthes in a absinthe bar near Belle ville , and after a couples of glasses we asked for the bartender to have the best absinthe of the bar , as the last glass of the night . He said that he had something special and it was the only bar in Paris to serve that absinthe , even in the menu wasn’t written . We said OK , let’s try it ! . He took from behind the bar a little bottle with quite simple desying compere with the new absinthe bottles . The first impression wasn’t so surprising but when he poured in the glass and when we started to mix with water we could see the difference . The color wasn’t a deep green color but a pleasant light green , after pouring the water , the green was more intense and the lounche uniform ..And than came the difference , a really strong herbaceous smell , with a little caramel hit after taste . If someday you have a chance to try if , don’t hesitate . Unfortunately it is a dead-stock absinthe nowdays .
Thanks to the absinthe bar bartender we finished our night with a good absinthe , plus he  introduced us where we could purchased 1797 Emile-Pernot .That’s was our mission for the next day .


It was too good to be true , the bartender came up with another absinthe from the same distillery– WORMWOOD BLANCHE . Another limited edition absinthe from Emile Pernot . Just 100 bottles in the market in 2006 . It has a strong wormwood aroma , and the bitterness taste of the wormwood last long in your tongue . We wouldn’t say that is the best of the best , but once in life time absinthe . Quite educational , since just a few bottles were made .
We have both of than here but unfortunately it is not for sale , just for reference purposes .