French Bastille 1789 – a new type of whisky

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French Bastille 1789 – a new type of whisky

French Whisky Bastille 1789

The French Cognac region is famous worldwide for its fine brandies but not so many people know that at the same Cognac region there is someone making Whisky .

“French Whisky ?” would be the first question to come in mind , and all that taste of hard to drink whisky experience would be reminded in a split of seconds . But for our surprise , after we opened the bottle was quite astonished . An Floral fruity aroma came out , so we knew something different was about to be tasted .

Hand-crafted Whisky Bastille 1789

Bastille 1789 is the name of this new French whisky .

The taste was delicate and complex , with hints of cherry and oak barrel , and a rich vanilla flavor after drinking it . Even  people who are not familiar with whiskies would enjoy Bastille 1789 .

Bastille 1789 whisky is  different , new , and worth to try .

It took over 80 years to Japanese Whiskies to get  the taste they got today . At the beginning , according to some books , it was something undrinkable but now Japanese Whiskies have respect at the four corners of the globe . But this in another story …

… for the French whisky Bastille 1789 , they started with a good beggining .


Cheers !!!

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