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   -” ” I met JOHN in Hong Kong in 1977 . He was traveling  with SEAN  , who was about 2 years old , and was  on his way to meet Yoko in Japan . I was with David Bowie  and Coco Schwab , his friend and Pa , on our way back  to Europe from Japan , after a rock tour  of my stuff .

   DAVID and John  were friends , and we learned en route  to Hong Kong  that he would be there , in our hotel , for the same few days  that we were .

   A pair of elevator doors opened , and he stood in the hotel hall foyer , wearing a basketball jersey which was way too big , and he gave David a big hug , and a kind of  laughing  ,greeting  smile . I was  surprised to see an English  industry giant  exhibit  such warmth . Also to see him in a basketball jersey , was super cool .

   We went to dinner a couple  of times , the four of us , after Sean was  in bed  for the night . Also to a topless bar once , and once to tea at a snooty country club . He really  knew  how to sound off  when he wanted to , and at each of the later 2 destinations  rose to his feet to half-yell . half-chortle , ” have you ever heard of the Beatles ??!” when the service was not forthcoming . I think he enjoyed it . i know I did . 

   Once we were informed that a restaurant of our choice had a dress code . John would have to wear a shirt . After dinner , which was chicken , he blurted , ” GREAT! ! YOU’VE GOT TO PUT ON A WHITE SHIRT TO EAT A DEAD PIGEON ! “”

  IGGY POP talking about his memories of John Lennon  from the book” MEMORIES OF JOHN LENNON

                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY  JOHN !

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