Middle of Spring with Marolo Grappa & Camomile

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Middle of Spring with Marolo Grappa & Camomile


    Middle of spring ,  the temperature is getting agreeable , flower and green everywhere  and by consequence of all that excitement sometimes we exceed a bit on the food . A good after meal digestive liqueur would be a nice choice .

With all that flowers around us , we would recommend  an Italian liqueur  made with grappa & camomile . But don’t turn your nose thinking of those bad experiences you had with cheap , nobody ever heard , made in Italy grappas which reminds you the taste of  petrol or gasoline . All that complex is about to be broken . We are talking about a fine and hand-crafted  liqueur obtained from the infusion of camomile blossoms in grappa made from fresh Piemontese Nebbiolo grapes and letf to sleep for 11 months .

Marolo Grappa & Camomile , distilled by Distilleria Santa Teresa in Alba .

  You can perfectly , without been afraid , enjoy it neat , on the rocks or even in cocktails like the Chamomile Cocktail  from Jim Meehan , NY

Perhaps with Marolo Grappa & Camomile is a good introduction to start to like Grappa .

Cheers !!! Bar Trench (R)