Valentine with the Aztec Emperor Montezuma ヴァレンタインとアステカの王様

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Valentine with the Aztec Emperor Montezuma ヴァレンタインとアステカの王様

Emperor  Montezuma II ( born ac 1480 , reigned 1502 – 1520 )

The favorite drink of Aztec Emperor Montezuma II  (1502 – 1520 )  was a chocolate base  drink with chillies , spices , vanilla and wine  , with a froth consistency and it was served cold .

“The divine drink , which builds up resistance and fights fatigue . A cup of precious drink  ( cocoa ) permits a man to walk for a whole day without food . ”    – Montezuma II .

“XOCOATL”  was the name of this Aztec cocktail , which means “xoco” ( bitter ) and “ATL” ( water )

People have been drinking chocolate for a long time .  Some records date back  before THE OLMECS (around 1500 BC to 400 BC ) ,  the Mayans  used to grew cacao trees at the backyard , and the Aztecs used to drinks their ” xocoatl ” . Only in the16th  century  the chocolate  arrived in Europe , after the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire .

It didn’t take so much time until  someone came  up with the idea to ad milk , ad sugar , serve it hot , and after hundreds and hundreds years later people still drinking ,   making chocolate cakes , making chocolate ice creams , etc etc etc .

Very soon is the Valentain’s Day  , and inspired by the Montezuma  Xocoatl  we decide to make a  modern adaptation of his favorite drink .


”抵抗力と疲労にきく神聖な飲み物である。貴重なカカオの飲み物を一杯飲めばご飯抜きでも一日中歩き続ける事ができる。” – Montezuma II



ヴァレンタインデーが来るのでモンテズマのXocoatl に触発されて彼のお気に入りドリンクの現代版をつくってみました。

FOR ” MONTEZUMA ” cocktail – to fell like a king .
   ” For MONTEZUMA ” cocktail
-Red Wine – 45 ml ( cabernet – sauvignon )
-Galiano – 10 ml
-Mangalore – 10 ml ( a chilli , cardamom , cinnamon , spices mix liqueur )
-Chocolate powder ( not sweetened ) – 1/2 bar spoon
-a bit of cinnamon powder
-a bit of red chilli powder .
-little slice of ginger .

-mix all ingredients in a shaker , including the slice of ginger ,  shake well and pour in a glass . Fill up with extra dry ginger ale . Garnish with a slice of Ginger , Strawberry suits well too .

Emperor Montezuma used to drink  many goblets  per day , specially before war combat  and before going to his harem . It was believed that “xocoatl” drink was an aphrodisiac , very often used in that time to give energy and enhance the sex libido.

よく振りグラスに注ぐ。エキストラドライ ジンジャーエールで満たす。



Image of Montezuma II

Enjoy it and fell like a King !

Cheers to Montezuma !!!


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