Cachaca ClAUDIONOR – 3rd best cachaca of Brasil

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Cachaca ClAUDIONOR – 3rd best cachaca of Brasil



48% alcohol .

Cachaca CLAUDIONOR !!!

It is quite a difficult name . Just imagine going to a bar and ask : give me one CLAUDIONOR neat please , or CLAUDIONOR on the rocks ( actually “on the rocks” is too stylish for Claudionor ,  neat suits better ) .

Claudionor is an artesanal cachaca made in Brazil , more precisely in Januaria , a small city located in the  north part of Minas Gerais state  .  Its founder , Mr Claudionor Carneiro , first disttiled  Claudionor in 1925 , since then he still making just small bacths of cachaca .

In 2009 , Claudionor cachaca got 3rd place of best cachaca of Brazil at 2009 PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (  I didn’t know Playboy Magazine used to promote this kind of events , sounds interesting ) . Anyway , Claudionoar got the 3rd place in 2009 and 5th place on 2007 .

Claudionor cachaca is aged in Umburana barrels for over a year . Its color is slitly yellow . The sugar cana taste comes first but you still fell the Umburana taste afterwise . The alcohol percentage of 48% doesn’t bother at all . Very enjoyable neat .

Maybe we need to check more Playboy magazines to see which cachaca was the champiom this year .

Saude CLAUDIONOR!!! Bar Trench ( R )