Who is BRAULIO ?

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Who is BRAULIO ?


Who is Braulio ? or What is Braulio ?

You could have meet someone called Braulio but the one I mean is the italian bitter Braulio . it has a colorfull label which keeps your attention and the name too …BRAULIO .

The name comes from one of the mountains surrounding the valley of Bormio, Monte Braulio, on the slopes of which were collected most of the herbs, flowers, berries  used in the preparation of this unique beverage. Braulio’s inventor was Mr Francis Peloni, pharmacist,  who came up with the recipe in 1875 . As always the recipe is a secret that goes from father to son ,etc . The only thing we know is that the recipe contains 13 herbs and medicinal plants like juniper berries , Wormwood ( absinthe ) , gentian roots , achillea moschata and  it is also aged in Oak barrels for 2-5 years .

Braulio is a good digestive and it getting quite popular between the Japanese girls here . I don’t know if it is because of the name or  the colorfull label or the taste .

Cheers BRAULIO!!!! Bar Trench