After a good meal : BRASILBERG !!!

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After a good meal : BRASILBERG !!!

After a good meal : Underberg…..or BRASILBERG !!! It all a matter of choice .

If you are used to go to bars you probably may have seen usually on the corner somewherelse a little medicine like wrapped bottle . That’s UNDERBERG  unmistakable little bottle , a german herbal bitters . If you haven’t tried yet it is a good chance , as Underberg is quite popular in Japan and it is possible to find in most of cocktails bars around the country .  And if you know already Underberg ,  why not try the Brasilberg as well .


For those who are used with the little Underberg bottle , when you see the Brasilberg bottle size you would get surprised . It fells huge . is there any difference between them ? yes , there is a little difference but as….
…. Underberg , it cannot be explained…It must be experienced…. I’m not going to talk about the taste . But here are some of the differences :

  Brasilberg is made in Brazil : “On June 17, 1846, Hunbert Underberg founded the company H. Underberg-Albrecht in Rheinberg in Germany, starting the manufacture and sale of Underberg, a specialty made ​​with herbs.
In 1884, Hubert Underberg began exporting its product to Brazil.

In 1932, the grandson of the founder, Dr. Paul Underberg, moved to Brazil and began manufacturing the “Underberg in Brazil.” This product manufactured in Brazil with Brazilian herbs has become, over the decades, a Brazilian specialty original and boasts henceforth the name ” BRASILBERG – Underberg of  Brazil.”

As the recipe is a secret , we cannot say the differences of both but Dr Paul Underberg used Amazon’s herbs to cover the lack of some herbs in Brasil .

BRASILBERG :cont : 920 ml / 42% alcohol

UNDERBERG : The bottle is small .

cont : 20 ml / 44% alcohol

It is made from a selection of aromatic herbs from 43 countries .

Both of them have an amber color . The taller left-side glass is Underberg with a lighter amber color . The smaller right-side glass is Brasilberg with a darker amber color .


At the end , both of them are amazing and AFTER A GOOD MEAL : Underberg & Brasilberg is a good choice .

Cheers!!! Bar Trench ( R )


Poster of Father’s Day – Brasilberg 2008