LAU in JAPAN! part II

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LAU in JAPAN! part II

LAU – Kris Drever,Aidan O’Rourke,Martin Green

    Last rainy cold monday (2010/12/13) , some people would say Blue Monday but wasn’t Blue at all ,  we had the visit  of the Scottish folk super trio LAU ( Kris Drever , Martin Green , Aidan O’Rourke ) .


    After 2 days of gigs , Tokyo & Yokohama , They took a little break here in TRAM . Lau have been visiting us in the past 4 years , and for us it is always a honor to receive the visit from friends who comes so faraway from Japan .

Kris Drever
LAU at the TRENCH book shelf

   But TRAM wasn’t the end , They came to the 30 seconds away TRENCH  as well.


   LAU accepted the challenge of going up to the TRENCH book shelf and sing a song  . They did a quick short improvisation , even without their own instruments .

  Cheers  to LAU !!!