Nashi Hendricks Martini ( Japanese Pear Martini )

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Nashi Hendricks Martini ( Japanese Pear Martini )

Just a couple of weeks before the ” Nashi  ” season comes to an end ,we would like to introduce a nice fruits martini , simple and very rich in taste .

Nashi or also known as Japanese Pear is a common fruit in Japan and some countries around Asia.   it has a high water content and a crisp , grainy texture .

Nashi Martini ( Japanese Pear Martini )

– Hendricks Gin – 45 ml

– Nashi fresh Juice – 45 ml

– Cordial Elderflower – 5 ml

We tried to do as simple and fresh as possible since at the moment the Nashi’s in the Japanese market are very juice and sweet with a lot of fragance .

First step is making the fresh Nashi juice . Take a half medium pelled Nashi and cut it in big pieces . Put into a shaker and muddle it until you extract the juice .  Try to strain with a thin net strainer to take the grainy texture .

Second step . Pour the Hendricks , Nashi Juice and Cordial Elderflower into a shaker . Filled the shaker with good ice . Shake it well and pour into a chilled cocktail glass . Garnish with a Nashi peel .

Ps : It depends how sweet is you Japanese Pear , you may only need to use just a few drops of  cordial elderflower . Using a good gin with a floral taste makes a big difference in the cocktail . Try to make the Nashi juice just before you make the martini .

Cheers until the Nashi season last !!! Bar Trench