Time for a SHISO MOJITO .

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Time for a SHISO MOJITO .

Bar Trench’s Shiso Mojito

If you want to have a change and try something as refreshing as the Cuban Classic Mojito . We would recommend one of the mojito’s variation : SHISO MOJITO .
Shiso leaves , also called Japanese Basil leaves or Japanese Mint leaves , are  often used as garnish in Japanese restaurants . Shiso are that green round and pointy  edged leaves that’s smells good but you don’t know if you should eat it or look at it .
Here in Japan would be easier for you as you can find Shiso leaves in any supermarket .



– White Rum ( I choosed “Santiago de Cuba”) – 45ml

– Shiso leaves – 4~5 leaves

– Fresh Lime juice – 15 ml or quater cut lime

– Sugar – 2 bar spoon .

– Soda

–  Combine  shiso leaves , the lime juice  and sugar in the glass and muddled slitly . Add the white rum and crushed ice in the glass . Mix with the bar spoon  . Top with soda ( wilkinson ) . Garnish with a Shiso Leave . optional : yuzu peel on the top to give a citrus aroma .

Cheers !!! Bar Trench